Art at Heart

Art at Heart - Angela Ho
Art at Heart · 15. March 2024
Even though I pursued a technical career in engineering, art has always been a part of me. When I was four, my parents put me in music lessons and I followed my sister’s footsteps in learning the piano.

Art at Heart - Sharon Pawliuk
Art at Heart · 15. February 2024
It is said that the beauty of art is in the ‘eyes of the beholder’. It’s not for us to criticize ourselves, we should simply enjoy doing what we are doing and strive to improve. That sounds great, right?

Art at Heart · 15. December 2023
Hi, I’m Barb Sayles and I’ve been serving as the treasurer of the NVCAC for many years. I was born in Merritt and was raised in the Nicola Valley on our family ranch along with my four siblings.

The Entanglement Series - Lynn Cox
Art at Heart · 01. December 2023
Creating Space: Weaving Stories in Fibre. Wood, Stone, and Weaving. The snares of life, of love, of existing as a human on this planet are persistently encountered whether invited or not.

Art at Heart - Amanda Pryzner-Dunn
Art at Heart · 15. November 2023
I have a secret; one that may cause my Arts Council membership to be revoked. A secret so shameful that I fear judgement on my character will be swift and irrevocable once you know. But I have carried this burden too long, so here it is: I failed art in elementary school.

Art at Heart - Jano Howarth
Art at Heart · 15. September 2023
I’m Jano Howarth, art gallery curator for the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council. I have put together 66 art shows at our Arts Centre since I retired and took on this position in 2017.

Art at Heart - Mischelle Pierce
Art at Heart · 15. August 2023
My name is Mischelle Pierce and I have lived in the Nicola Valley for 57 years with a four year absence while I pursued other adventures. I am a proud daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, and a big community supporter.

Art at Heart - Sarah Molnar
Art at Heart · 15. July 2023
As a part of the Nicola Valley Arts Council, I have been reflecting on art and creativity and what it means in my life. I’ve realized I appreciate and need the tactile experience and gratification of making things with my hands.

Art at Heart - Marilyn Kelly
Art at Heart · 15. June 2023
Hello everyone! My name is Marilyn Kelly. I am fairly new to the town of Merritt, having moved here from the coast in July of 2021. My husband and I decided to retire and move from the big city to a more peaceful lifestyle here in Merritt.

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