Art at Heart - Jano Howarth
At at Heart · 15. September 2023
I’m Jano Howarth, art gallery curator for the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council. I have put together 66 art shows at our Arts Centre since I retired and took on this position in 2017.

Artisan of the Month - Lynn Arnold Cox
Artisan of the Month · 01. September 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (September 2023) - Lynn Arnold-Cox.

Art at Heart - Mischelle Pierce
At at Heart · 15. August 2023
My name is Mischelle Pierce and I have lived in the Nicola Valley for 57 years with a four year absence while I pursued other adventures. I am a proud daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, and a big community supporter.

Art at Heart - Sarah Molnar
At at Heart · 15. July 2023
As a part of the Nicola Valley Arts Council, I have been reflecting on art and creativity and what it means in my life. I’ve realized I appreciate and need the tactile experience and gratification of making things with my hands.

Artisan of the Month - Sharon Pawliuk
Artisan of the Month · 01. July 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (July 2023) - Sharon Pawliuk of Creations by Sharon.

Art at Heart - Marilyn Kelly
At at Heart · 15. June 2023
Hello everyone! My name is Marilyn Kelly. I am fairly new to the town of Merritt, having moved here from the coast in July of 2021. My husband and I decided to retire and move from the big city to a more peaceful lifestyle here in Merritt.

Artisan of the Month - Pink Room Crafts
Artisan of the Month · 01. June 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (June 2023) - Amanda Pryzner-Dunn of Pink Room Crafts

Artisan of the Month - Herta Klassen
Artisan of the Month · 01. May 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (May 2023) - Herta Klassen

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