Art at Heart - Angela Ho

Even though I pursued a technical career in engineering, art has always been a part of me. When I was four, my parents put me in music lessons and I followed my sister’s footsteps in learning the piano.  It was tough as a kid, as our family took music very seriously and we were always busy practising piano, performing in recitals or competing in music festivals.  I was eager to put piano behind me, but “not until I finished all my exams for my diploma”, which was the deal with my parents.  I was completely convinced I would pursue a very different career.

In high school, my favourite class was Home Economics which was a sampling of cooking, woodworking and sewing.  All three of the subjects allowed me to put my creativity to work, as well as my analytically skills, in completely different ways.  I loved how you can construct something useful or fun.  I was especially taken with sewing and I’ve continued it as a hobby to today.  


Having had time to explore both my analytical and creative side, I have learned that I especially enjoy when I can use both together.  I love doing creative crafts, with a challenging twist.  Or appreciate how a complicated piece of artwork was composed.  I also realize that even though I thought practising the piano was a tedious chore, music and the arts taught me patience, expressiveness, and personal discipline, which helped shape the person that I am.  Having the Nicola Valley Community Arts Centre in Merritt is a wonderful way that I can continue to be inspired and explore art.


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