Art at Heart - Olivia Nendick

My name is Olivia Nendick, and I have recently become a summer student at the Nicola Valley Arts Council. I am super excited to be involved with the art gallery and community for the summer! 


Art has always felt like a part of me since I was little. It was a way of expressing myself and feeling safe. From doing art projects in school to drawing with my friends, I loved the happiness art gave me. More importantly, I love experiencing other people's art; observing what they have created inspires me and makes me feel alive because everyone interprets things differently, so seeing everyone's creativity is special to me. 



During COVID, art became a significant aspect of my life. Being at home all the time, I just started to draw and draw and eventually found a style that has progressed ever since. I like to use pens and markers; what I draw is usually about me and certain things I face. It can feel vulnerable and personal, sometimes making me private and self-conscious about it. I have gotten into the habit of using art to clear my mind by drawing out what I am thinking and trying to understand it better. 


As a summer student, I am excited to have more art in my life through summer art camps, paintings, murals, and more for the community because art brings communities together! 


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