Artisan of the Month

Artisan of the Month - Lakeshore Creations
Artisan of the Month · 01. June 2024
Meet Lakeshore Creations, our artisan of the month for June.

Artist of the Month - Shirley Reynolds
Artisan of the Month · 01. May 2024
Shirley Reynolds has been an artist since she was a toddler, you just can't hold back that creative spirit.

Artisan of the Month - Jeff Bloom
Artisan of the Month · 01. April 2024
Jeff Bloom is an active member of our gift shop artisans, sharing his books and stories.

Artist of the Month - Joel Reid
Artisan of the Month · 01. March 2024
Meet Joel Reid, our Artist of the Month for March 2024.

Artisan of the Month - Ki Essentials
Artisan of the Month · 01. February 2024
Meet Sandy Labermeyer and her company Ki Essentials.

Artisan of the Month - Katalin Kovacs
Artisan of the Month · 01. December 2023
Meet our artist of the month for December 2023 - Katalin Kovacs.

Artisan of the Month - Angelina Brooymans
Artisan of the Month · 01. November 2023
Meet Angelina Brooymans, our artisan of the month for November.

Artisan of the Month - Beyond Hope Co.
Artisan of the Month · 01. October 2023
Meet Angela Ho of Beyond Hope Co., our artisan of the month for October 2023.

Artisan of the Month - Lynn Arnold Cox
Artisan of the Month · 01. September 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (September 2023) - Lynn Arnold-Cox.

Artisan of the Month - Sharon Pawliuk
Artisan of the Month · 01. July 2023
Meet our Artisan of the Month (July 2023) - Sharon Pawliuk of Creations by Sharon.

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