Artist Studio + Co-Working Space

In addition to the Gallery and Gift Shop, the Nicola Valley Arts Centre features unique spaces for Artists, Designers, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs. We call these two components The Artist Studio and the Clubhouse.

Craft. Canvas. Carve. Cast.
Create in the ARTIST STUDIO
. The Artists' Studio is a large workshop space for programs and a working art studio where you can spread out when you're short on space of your own. This energizing and stimulating environment features tables, slop sink, available drop clothes, and easels. This is where artists converge to immerse themselves in their solo or collaborative creative endeavours. 

Plan. Present. Partner. Produce.
Prepare paperwork in the Arts Centre's Co-Working Space
. Everything you need to get to work. Manage your business with a new level of independence and connectivity at the Arts Centre's Atelier Office.  



NVCAC is thrilled to have this game-changing and inspiring space to share with the community.

This annex of the Arts Centre will thrive as we roll out arts and culture programming and as an affordable rental workshop studio for local artists who are on the verge of artistic expansion.  Artists can rent studio space to create independently or as a group, hold their own private workshops or events. We know the arts centre studio will inspire you to create more often. 

Amenities: large workshop tables, easels, slop sink and countertops, drop clothes, Kekuli Cafe right next door.
Size:  1,000 square feet, high ceilings
Fees: Drop-in rates from $10. 

The Clubhouse  ~ Merritt's Co-Working Space

"The spirit of a co-working space allows you to find coworkers who are worth working with." 

- C. Chiam

Offering both private and co-working office space rental where you can work and meet affordably. Perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.
This amenity features meeting tables, desks, a coffee kitchen, whiteboards, and a washroom. Have more work-life balance with designated office space on a flexible basis. This co-working office, with parking, is sure to energize your business endeavors. 

Amenities:  2 separate offices, large meeting tables, coffee kitchenette, washroom, wi-fi, printer, free parking.
Fees:    Drop-in rates available, week to week, month to month reservations. Inquiries to Mischelle Pierce