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Merritt, British Columbia ~ The NVCAC community art exhibit, Nicola Valley Arts Gallery: Show of Shows opened on Thursday, August 11 and runs to Oct2/22. This show displays 55 Kim Leclair posters of the art we’ve had in our exhibits over the last 5 years, at the Arts Gallery in the Nicola Valley Arts Centre. 


The Reception was held Friday, Aug 26. 


All posters for this show, except one, were designed by local artist Kim Leclair. 

Gallery Curator Jano Howarth sends a photo, or several photos to choose from, and Kim creates a one of a kind poster design for the show. Kim is excellent at picking up the tone of the art show and getting that across in this popular form of promotion. 


Kim’s graphic design posters for each show are printed to post around the community, and are also distributed on our social media. So all the posters on display currently in the Gallery have been out promoting the shows we’ve had over the five years. 

The posters are both eye catching and informative. And they remind us of all the wonderful shows we have put on for our Nicola Valley community. 


What NVCAC gallery curator Jano Howarth has to say about the exhibition, “Gathering all the posters was an awesome trip down memory lane for me. From the time I began with the NVCAC until the present, there are so many stories!”

  • The show runs from August 11-September 11, 2022. Held over to Oct 2/22
  • Reception on Friday, August 26, 4-7pm
  • The Nicola Valley Arts Centre is open Wednesdays to Saturdays 10am to 5pm, and on Sundays from 12:00 to 4:00pm. 


Funding support for the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council is provided by the City of Merritt, TNRD, BC Arts Council and through the Province of British Columbia.