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CSARN Annual Conference - Maintaining Creativity 6 

Supporting Senior Artists...the 2021 conference will take place October 18, 25 and November 1, 2021. Presented in three 2-hour chapters beginning at 1:30pm Eastern Time. While details are still being developed, check the CSARN website for the virtual conference updates. 

Tips for Applying for Artist Grants 

Want to know what grant institution insiders say about scoring your artist grant? CBC Arts illuminates best advice to pursuing critical are some interesting application guidelines you'll want to know about! 

CBC Arts logo for April 2021

Did you know that CBC Arts is having a new logo created by Canadian artists every month? Interesting hey? See what's being featured for April, and the design by Erin McCluskey from Toronto...

Did you know that The Louvre just made its entire art collection accessible online? For Free??!!  So while you can't necessarily hop on a flight to Paris and visit the Musée du Louvre today, you can still be inspired by more than 482,00 works of art for free at home. 

Ever heard of a digital manifesto?  Well, MONOCLE has released its digital decency manifesto in an effort to align its online conversations with values of wellbeing and quality. It's intersting... 

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